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January 9, 2009



Favianna, thanks for writing this. I must say I was surprised to see Shepard's work in the book. What's straight up saddest for me is that I think he could be doing what he does with greater accountability and responsibility without much more effort, but fundamentally I think he would need to be a different person. There's a fine line between the way Shepard Fairey presents his art and the way that Josh MacPhee presents his: two white male graphic artists who catapult echoes from political graphics of the past into our present-day socio-visual landscape. The main difference is the personality that makes the art: Shepard is Shepard and Josh is Josh. One is the real deal, creating, curating and cataloguing art that is truly dedicated to social change. The other is just "the other white meat."


I looked, at his page, repeatedly,

Since they started the killing in Gaza.

Hoping he would say something.


Nothing at all.

Benevolent Sociopath

Every "career" artist uses art as a subjective opportunity to bolster there class standing and careers by riding the wave of perception that their art invokes on the public mind.

This Shepard guy just happens to be good at it and everyone else is jealous

get over it.

jeremy roberts

interesting enough, super touch has posted a response to all this obey plagarism:

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