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May 21, 2009



This is a brilliant article! You're absolutely right that something needs to be done to educate these young women to understand that they DO have choices when it comes to their bodies and their sexuality. This "old-school" type thinking just does not work, especially in this day and age. You are a great role model! Keep up the good work.


I think you cannot dis-empower these young women who are having babies...from my own family experience a lot of young women know whats up when it comes to sex and are looking to have babies. It is not always an accident, I think the issue that needs to be explored is why are so many young women looking to have babies when they can't even take care of themselves. And so many young men trying to prove themselves by how many women they can sleep with, these are bigger issues we have yet to deal with in our communities that are tied directly to absentee parents and/or families. Also, I don't think this issue should be confused with men who are insecure with their own sexuality and never come out, instead they hide it from their wives.

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